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19 avril 2021
Bordeaux, France
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Be a Sun Creature
To be a Sun Creature is to believe in the wonders of animation and storytelling. It is to be passionate, empathic, dedicated and of course: a part of the team at Sun Creature. We love watching quirky little sketches take form and grow into something epic. Do you as well? And do you have the ambition of becoming an excellent IT-Supporter? Then you should definitely read on and learn more about this job.

As an IT-Supporter at Sun Creature, your key responsibility is to support the teams in an international company. The role will start with a brief introduction phase to understand our company-wide processes before diving into the various IT-tasks. You will be part of a support team that handles pipeline, Research and Development and programming – primarily France and Denmark. You will be the only person of the team based in our Bordeaux office that has a max capacity of 50 people. Not only will you support them but also the office in Denmark and our remote artists. You will support work on prestigious projects in an industry-wide renowned company.

We need you to help us with IT-support including IT security, VPN administration, IT hardware maintenance, setup hardware and workstations in the office and more exciting things. In close collaboration with the Head of Production and the rest of the support team, you will implement new tools to make the work life of your colleagues even more enjoyable, efficient, and fun.

You succeed in your new job, because:

  • With you as our IT-supporter, we minimize stress and experience a smooth process because you make sure everyone can work seamlessly.
  • Understanding the technical world and love to be a part of a young international company.
  • You create a department through your position that we have not yet had at Sun Creature.
  • After your first three months are able to support the whole company, both locally and remotely at Sun Creature by e.g. implementing kind and efficient IT-support.
  • After your first year, you are able to contribute with new best working practices and optimize the company’s’ IT security and maintenance.

Your future career at Sun Creature will present you with even more responsibilities and there is plenty of room to develop and grow in a dynamic, creative company predominantly consisting of young professionals.

We expect that you…

… are technical, service-minded, great with computers, speak and write English and French, understand Windows, Windows server, Linux Server, Active Directory, virtual machines administration, VPN administration, network and security.

You are a creature of persistence and have strong systemizing skills, which will prove vital in your responsibilities of:

  • Ensuring everyone can work on their workstations though your IT-support.
  • The Company’s network, computers and servers are secure and maintained.
  • Service-minded and like to help your colleagues.

You are fluent in English – written and spoken. You might have started your career in IT, architectural, movie or something entirely different.


You will be a part of…

… a young and highly social company culture. To us, work isn’t just work – it’s a passion. Sun Creature is a place where the most talented creatives, crafters, trailblazers and go-getters can dream big and fly high.



Then please send us your resume and an application letter. We look forward to hearing from you!

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